Week One- Challenges

Just a few from the week with the daily photos below

Marin Headlands 07.09.08

A boy and his board. 07.08.08

Project Happiness wine... sounds like we are starting something here! 07.07.08

From Monique year 42

Tavern Window 07.06.08

Ocean Wildflower 07.05.08

Wow, challenges are time consuming, no wonder it is hard to get anything done. But fear not, I will not get bogged down with the blog. But this process has been .....a process.

At least one a day! Sounds easy, well Notsomuchso, not that I am bailing out or anything, but as I start the process, I realize all the gear I must lug around for taking photos.

Somehow it does not fit in a Coach handbag.

I started with 3 cameras, a lens and my film. Then I realized a needed a bag to carry all them around in. Add a notebook and pens to document the process for myself, that led to putting all the digital camera cords/chargers in the bag, an extra memory card and film. Next I added a monopod (1 legged tripod or a unipod, sounds very Sci-Fi to me). Pretty soon I am going to add the phone number to my chiropractor since I know that I will need to call them from carrying all this stuff around. And I am sure I will need some filters and some other items that will come to mind.

Oh yes, back to my goal, at least one a day! Just keep on track! I keep telling myself, in order to reach a challenge you have to stay in track. So here I am on track and publishing my 1st set of photos from my 1st week. 1 week down, 51 to go!

You will see from my photos, a varied life, a varied eye, lots of different views from all around my backyard and beyond. Not sure if I can even pick a favorite from the ones I have posted.

I did want to give a big thanks to my mother in law, Bev, she came and watched Matthew, while we escaped for an afternoon at the beach this past weekend. I also want the fires to stop, because this sky is not pretty at all. I hope that they end soon, all are people, homes and land are safe and we can have a nice blue sky summer!

If you want to check out all the photos I took during the week, I have a flickr account link at the bottom of the page. You can see all the photos I have taken during the week, many more than what got posted in my blog.

Enjoy the view!!!!!



Todd Weaver said...

Good Work - I wonder if all the equipment is required, because I'd be sad if it becames a barrier that could evolve into a reason to stop. What about impromptu and getting caught off guard, having a camera "handy". This project could turn into a lot of work if you're not careful..
Todd Weaver

Anonymous said...

Well done making it through week one. Fun to watch. Great photos already.

- Michael