Hay Ride Buddies 07.19.08

Flower 07.18.08
Pier Posts 07.17.08
Los Osos Valley 07.16.08
Post Street 07.15.08

Vineyard Moonrise 07.14.08

Nettles 07.13.08

Lake Sonoma 07.12.08

Future Wine - Hook and Ladder Vineyards 07.11.08
Fountain Grove Round Barn 07.10.08


One of the greatest lessons I have learned in art of photography was on the subject of perspective. Any one can take a photograph by walking up to the subject and pointing the camera. I was taught in order to take a really interesting photograph, you have to change your perspective, every so often you must step back to take in all the surroundings and at other times you have to get up close, to actually see what lies before you.

I have always carried that lesson with me, even in life, sometimes to take a step back, admiring the subject in the environment in which it dwells and sometimes to take a step closer and really know my subjects characteristics, flaws and all.

Perspective goes hand in hand with light, depending on light; your perspective can vary greatly. You can look at your subject a million times, to the point that you feel you know it inside out. Then some light gets shed on your subject and things change dramatically. Occasionally light falls upon your subject casting a harsh light and your subject appears differently to you. At times, light can illuminate what you believed to be unattractive and show you it was not what you supposed and you will find a new magnificence before you, or at the very least a different beauty than originally perceived.

The great thing about perspective and light is that you can control how your mind views them.

You can be in a dark forest with only shafts of light; you can allow that perspective to be pessimistic only seeing the darkness of the forest. Or you can see the wondrous luminous light and how it dances in and out of the darkness, calling you with its warmth, out of the shadowy cold to come follow it, to an even warmer place, a place known as sunshine.

…………………And sunshine is a whole other set of lessons when it comes to photography.

This week it was my honor to have a friend share her perspective with me and for that I say thank you.

As for my photographic adventure, I am having the best time dancing between the shadows and the sunlight, admiring all the various styles of beauty we get to see each day. If something creative is calling out from inside you, figure out how to listen to that voice, I think you will enjoy what you are hearing.

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