Monique year 42- An introduction

I find myself thinking a lot about a few subjects:
Challenges, pushing oneself to do more, creativity, and the images I see in my mind as well as numbers. Actually those are just a few things I have been thinking about, but they tie into the challenge I have set before myself.

Today, I am challenging myself to do more with my photography and the images I see in my mind. I often ignore them or somewhat selfishly keep them inside my own minds eye. I once read about this photographer Jim Brandenburg, he once challenged himself to take one exposure a day for 90 days. Simple task, one a day, there was not an option to take two, or three, or even as we have in this digital age to delete and retake them. Plain and simple 1 A DAY! What he created was inspired in my option and even though I read that almost 10 years ago, I think not a season goes by that I do not think those works of his. Here is a link to what he created.

So what does his work have to do with me, nothing other than it has inspired me and I am hoping that this blog will keep me accountable towards my goals (much like that photo you place on your refrigerator when you are on a diet).

Here is the goal; I am going to take at least on photo a day for the next year. I am allowing myself to take more than one a day if I so choose, using as many cameras as I can, including SLR, Digital, iPhone, Treo phone and some other things I may have up my sleeve. But at least one a each day, will be my challenge. Will I post all of them? Let's just say I will post most of them.

How does this all tie in with numbers, well the inclusion of numbers starts because my 5 year old son is always saying numbers, the numbers on signs, NASCARS, in books, my iPhone, his friends ages and our ages. And since my age officially changed today, I thought that 42 was a good starting point, so today, as I turn 42, will start to share a 365 day adventure, accepting the challenge to capture the images in my world for one year. If you want check back from time to time, please do so. You can also subscribe and I will email you the updates (which I envision will be every 7 to 10 days).

Below are some more links to the work of Mr. Brandenburg, in case you want to see more.

So here it is, my challenge, I am not Jim Brandenburg by any means, but I accept the task, to do something I really want to do, for no other reason than I think, I mean I KNOW, it will make me happy…… and is that not what life is about… finding happiness in the little things each day.

Enjoy the journey!

PS all these photos were taken between 5:40 and 5:55 am on 07.04.08 on Piner Road, Santa Rosa, CA

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