Swimming Dad 08.02.08

Water Feature 08.01.08

School Shopping Break with Matthew 07.31.08

Cat Tails 07.30.08

Tree over Barn 07.29.08

Owl Eyes 07.28.08

Berries 07.27.08

Maintaining a spirit of anticipation and joy are the key to success. - Linda Blondheim

I was thinking about this past week and I realized that many events took place that we had long anticipated.

My son had been looking forward to attending the “Day out with Thomas” train ride with our family. My nephew had been raising a Duroc market hog for his FFA project to show at the Sonoma County Fair, a friend had been waiting for an annual sale of pretty things to start; another friend had been here for a visit and was planning her return back to her new home and new job. I had been planning a special day of school shopping with my son.

So much anticipation surrounding all these events and each one of them was a success. Our Day out with Thomas was a fun day for a 5 year old boy and his family, CJ’s piggy placed 7th and sold in an auction for over $1000. Ms. Karen found some new pretty little things, Heather made her way back to Costa Rica for new adventure and I found everything I think Matthew may need for school.

Success Achieved! Till next week.

Enjoy the week ahead.

-Monique Jervan Chilton


Anonymous said...

Thanks Monique - these photos are beautiful and unique. This indeed is a time of great anticipation...BTW - I sincerely enjoyed meeting Heather and am currently planning a trip to Costa Rica around October time frame.

- Ed Bierdeman

Beverly said...

I love your pictures and esp the story about the day before kindergarten...Love to you, jim and matthew. Bev