a view like no other

Get Well Soon 03.31.09

Healing Garden 03.30.09

Wheel of lights 03.29.09

Visitor 03.28.09

Helipad takeoff 03.27.09

Gauge 03.26.09

Pain Scale 03.25.09

How it all began 03.24.09

Sunset Barn 03.23.09

Sunshine Yellow 03.22.09

Looking out of a hospital window is different from looking out of any other. Somehow you do not see outside. - Carol Matthau

As some of you know my Hubs was just in the hospital for 8 days, battling a staph infection, we have no answers for where it came from, we just had to spring to action to MAKE IT GO AWAY! He is home now and life is slowly getting back to normal… slowly…normal… I like how that sounds.

I’m looking at these photos I am posting and it is funny how many of them I just do not recall even being REALLY present for. I remember them, but I had so much more on my mind at the moment. But I am proud to say I did stay on track, when I could have easily slipped. But during his naps or long walks to the cafeteria, I was able to still see some things, small, but they still caught my eye.

If you look at the date, you can see I have less than 100 days left for this project. I had actually planned on being in Arizona when starting my last 100 days countdown, but life had other plans. I am thankful those plans included seeing Hubs feeling better.

Here are my photos for the past several days.

-Monique Jervan-Chilton

PS- I was driving home one night from the hospital and I drove by this carnival, I pulled over to capture a few images, it was so surreal, people having fun, lights blinking about and me in an exhausted state. Very strange moment!


Anonymous said...

Wow Monique - I am so happy James is recovering. Blessings on you and your family - Ed Bierdeman

Anonymous said...

!!!! Glad to hear he's OK.. I only check in once in a while, and was shocked to see all the hospital photos. Just spent the night at Oakland Children's Hospital myself, so they all looked eerily familiar. All is fine and back to normal with the kids here too!

Thanks for this project!
Jeff Kimble