Backyard Primrose 03.08.09

Fence 03.07.09

Guitar Strings 03.06.09

Wood Road Tree 03.05.09

Occidental Road Barn 03.04.09

Books Shelf 03.03.09

Morning Waterdrops 03.02.09

Wine Bottles 03.01.09

We sometimes find what inspires us in the strangest places, this week while battling a bout of the flu; I found mine on a bottle of shower gel.

Feeling rather lousy after a week of the flu, looking for a little rejuvenation, I reached for my favorite shower gel, Philosophy Empower Mint and was reminded of how important daily rituals are where it shares this message:


philosophy: become invisible. require no applause. never show off. no people pleasing. take your directives from above, not below. be accountable for your mistakes. consider integrity and perseverance the keys to your success. strive to act on the higher good of yourself and others. most importantly of all understand the value of daily rituals… wake-up, say a prayer of gratitude, potty, brush you teeth, work-out or work-in, breakfast, shower, prepare yourself, prepare your children, and begin the most important day of your life, daily rituals are as important as daily prayers, when we lose them we lose our empowerment and in time we lose our way.

Have an amazing week.

-Monique Jervan-Chilton


Tracy said...

I really like this set of photos, especially the guitar shots and the water drops. My favorite pictures are always the ones where I can see a person's mind at work. I see you stopping to pay a moment's attention to things around you, to actually see them, and try to find a different way of getting the shot (like the overhead shot of the bike a few posts back).

I also enjoyed the shower-gel philosophy. I've been struggling against the repetition of daily rituals lately; it's good to be reminded that they have an essential place in our lives.

Tracy said...

Addendum: I couldn't imagine where your Occidental Road barn could be, until yesterday when I was waiting to make a turn and saw it (and got shots of it too). I don't think it really registered with me before.