3 Days in the Country

Starr vineyards 10.16.08

Pond Reflections 10.16.08

Acorns and Fallen Leaves 10.16.08

Branches 10.16.08

Spinkler in the Field 10.15.08

Farm Life 10.15.08

Rolling Hills filled with Oak Trees 10.15.08

Mt. St. Helena in the distance 10.15.08

Archer Family Vineyards 10.15.08

Shadows of an Oak Tree 10.14.08

Private drive 10.14.08

For three days this week I had focus, well at least in one area of life I did.

We are fortunate enough to live on the Northwest end of Santa Rosa, there are not many houses past our little area, it is filled with farms, small towns, vineyards and wineries. I often drive alternate roads to my regular places, just to mix up the views outside my front window. One afternoon, I took a drive down Starr Road from Windsor to Santa Rosa, it is a twisty rural road filled with farms, vineyards and wineries. It lies just between the Sonoma County airport and the Russian River. At each bend in the road, the view changes, you will for sure experience what we natives call some “Sonoma-roma” as you get close to the dairy farm near Mark West Station Road. That day the sunlight was just perfect, so in this quest to chase light that I am on, I went out there for 3 days to see what I could find. It did not disappoint.

One day in the country, Is worth a month in town. - Christina Georgina Rossetti

Enjoy three days on Starr Road!

Sidenote~~If you want to see Sonoma County for yourself, Horizon Air has daily non-stop service from LA, Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas. Word has it that they even let you bring home 12 bottles of wine without charging you an extra fee, so feel free to stock up on our wonderful wines.
-Monique Jervan-Chilton

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Suburbia said...

One day in the country, Is worth a month in town. - Christina Georgina Rossetti..........I can do nothing but agree whole heartedly!
Such beauty in these photos :)