Can we talk?

Bubble Time 06.09.09

Waterdrops on garden lilly 06.08.09

Leaves on fence 06.07.09

Traffic lights 06.06.09

What is in there? 06.05.09

Moon 06.04.09

Sonoma Ridge 06.03.09

Mom's view 06.02.09

Garden view 06.01.09

Toys 06.31.09

Wall of Water 05.30.09

Clapping Seal 05.29.09

Talk about getting old. I was getting dressed and a peeping tom looked in the window, took a look and pulled down the shade.—Joan Rivers

I was kind of feeling my age today, when I started to write my blog, cool cloudy day, moving slowly, hearing the echo of my 6 year old telling everyone mommy is 42 and going to be 43. I started my usual search for quotes and this one made me laugh out loud.

Laughter is so good for the soul! Enjoy the week.

-Monique Jervan-Chilton

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