Last of the storm 05.05.09

2nd and Main 05.04.09

Zito Pitch 05.03.09

Hot Water 05.02.09

Pink Geranium 05.01.09

Plans 04.30.09

Night Game 04.29.09

Shop 04.28.09

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action. - Frank Tibolt

Hard to believe that I have less than 2 months before this project is complete. I love the variety that I have posted this week, it is always fun to look back at entire week and see the images I have found.

Enjoy the views!

-Monique Jervan-Chilton


Tracy said...

So what will happen when your project is complete? Will your blog continue? I hope so.

Monique said...

I am thinking of keeping it going in someway, not sure if a daily photo or some weekly project. I have a local project on flickr called Sonoma County 12 of 12. I am trying to take 12 photos on the 12th of each month for a year, others have joined, please join if you can. The Flickr group is called "Sonoma County 12 of 12"

Tracy said...

Actually, I have joined. You know me as Lady Tracy o' the Disk. The 12 of 12 project was more of a challenge than I thought--it's not necessarily easy to take twelve presentable shots in a day!

Monique said...

The 12 of 12 is a great challenge, but very interesting to see what you can produce in just one day. Keep it up, I really enjoyed your photos.